AMI offers the following services:

Beechcraft, Cessna and Piper Piston and Turbine Maintenance

Beechcraft, Cessna, and Piper Piston and Turbine Maintenance services are just one of the reliable services that we offer at our Nelspruit based workshop. Piper Piston aircraft are manufactured by the reputable Piper Aircraft company.  Along with Cessna and Beechcraft, this company manufactures some of the world’s very best and most popular aircraft.

Beechcraft, Cessna and Piper Piston and Turbine aircraft offer exceptional reliability while they also have a very long lifespan. However, there is likely to come a time when maintenance is needed and that is where our team can assist you! We offer both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and with our many years of experience, we’ll have your aircraft back in shape.

All Group 7 & 9 Rotorcraft Maintenance, Piston and Turbine

It is not just your average aircraft that we happily carry out maintenance on; we are also specialists when it comes to the maintenance of a wide range of helicopters, especially those in Group 7 and Group 9. Not only can we handle the body work maintenance but we are also able to handle the maintenance of some of the mechanical inner workings of these helicopters.

We have built up a reliable reputation for carrying out maintenance and repairs while we are also able to handle the recovery of helicopters. Our team of maintenance engineers can tackle all kinds of problems and effectively solve them.

Learjet 20 & 30 Series

To keep your Learjet, should it be in the 20 or 30 Series, well maintained, we are the team you can trust. We are certified to carry out maintenance, including structural maintenance on these aircraft at our base in Nelspruit as well as at our base in Wonderboom. Our team is also able to carry out any required inspections to ensure that your jet is safe to fly. We work according to industry standards and we carry out our maintenance by the book.

Citation Series

The Cessna Citation series consists of some of the most popular business aircraft on the market. They are manufactured by the American aviation company Cessna, and the citation series is a name given to a range of turbofan-powered aircraft produced by Cessna. Over the years these aircraft have evolved with new additions introduced. We keep up with the changes, so regardless of which citation series Cessna you bring to us, we are able to assist.

There are 6 different families within the Citation Series and we are capable of handling the maintenance and repairs for these particular Cessna aircraft.

Turbine Engine Repair/HSI/

Turbine engine repair and maintenance can sometimes require an engine overhaul. When the time comes to do a little maintenance or an overhaul, you want to make sure that your engine is left in the most capable hands. Our team has worked and continues to work on, a wide variety of both fixed wing aircraft and rotor aircraft so we have the experience and the skill to carry out reliable repairs for turbine engines, compressors and HSI.

Piston Engine Overhaul/Shock Load

The piston engine overhauls are a necessary part of engine maintenance and this is a service best left to the professionals. Consisting of the cleaning, inspecting and the putting back together of piston engines, this is a time-consuming service that we are more than capable of carrying out for you. We’ll test the different parts of the engine to ensure that everything is working as it should and we can make the necessary replacements of parts should there be a need. With our years of experience, we’ll have you back in the air in no time!

Aircraft Recoveries

Aircraft recoveries and transportation is just another way that we can make your life a little easier. Our recovery services will have your aircraft safely recovered and transported, and we’ll even store it for you. Our knowledge of aircraft and our many years of experience allow us to handle the recovery of hundreds of different kinds of aircraft and we also offer the option of handling your insurance claims and queries as well. As a part of this particular service, we are also able to undertake investigations.

Major Structural Repair

The structural integrity of the aircraft needs to be as reliable and as stable as the internal workings. For this reason, a part of our maintenance services extends to the major structural repair that may be required to get your aircraft back into a sound condition. With our experienced team, we are able to take care of the major structural repair of hundreds of different aircraft. Our structural repairs are conducted according to the industry standards and will ensure that your aircraft continues to adhere to the various regulations.

Aircraft Welding and Painting

Seeing that aircraft are made up of hundreds of parts, maintenance, whether scheduled or unscheduled, is a part of life. The daily stress of flight can loosen parts, not in a way that they could damage the structural integrity of the aircraft but enough that aircraft welding will become a necessity.  Aircraft welding is the more cost effective way to carry out quick maintenance as it will avoid the need for long periods of downtime. Aircraft welding, as well as a slick coat of paint, can make an old aircraft look and function as it should.


Not everyone has a place to “park” their aircraft, but with our safe aircraft hangarage, you won’t have to worry about the storage of your plane or helicopter. Based at Wonderboom’s Hangar 5 and Nelspruit Hangars A7, 8 and 9, we have the storage space for a variety of different aircraft. Our hangars provide you with a safe facility, and we ensure that the hangars are well maintained so your aircraft is always under reliable cover.

Aircraft Management and Maintenance Tracking

For those long term maintenance periods, when your aircraft is going to experience a lot of downtimes, it’s nice to know that there is a way to track your maintenance. We offer the services of aircraft management and maintenance tracking to take the stress off your shoulders. Allow our team to make your life that little bit easier, by letting us handle the day to day operations that will ensure that you stay well within the regulations.

Fixed Wing and Rotor-craft Sales

Our services go beyond that of maintenance and aircraft recovery. We are interested in all things relating to the aircraft industry and as such we also sell fixed wings and rotor-craft also known as rotor craft wings. Fixed wings are for aircraft while the rotor craft wings are designed for helicopters. There is a lot of debate surrounding which wings are the most effective at lifting a craft, but it all comes down to what your needs are. Our team, with their many years of experience, can help you select the right wings to suit your needs as well as to suit your helicopter or plane. We stock only the best quality parts.

Landing and Overflight clearances throughout Africa

Having permission to enter the airspace of other nations in Africa can be a tiresome and even a confusing task. However, organising fly permits to fly over, land or make a stop in another country is a necessity. Whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, having that permit is the only thing that will allow you to legally land on their soil. To help with your organising, we are skilled at getting landing and over flight clearances for countries throughout Africa. Before you go on your next trip, talk to us about your flight permits.

AMO 1280 Category Ratings A,B,C,D,E,W & X based at Wonderboom and Nelspruit                   FAA A+P / Inspection Authorization Licensed