Before and After

Aircraft Recoveries

From Recovery to Storage and Investigation

As a part of our expert services, AMI specialises in the recovery, transportation and storage of all kinds of aircraft. We are also experienced investigators.

Reliable Transportation

Our professional team has the specialised knowledge needed for the safe transportation of hundreds of different aircraft.

Attentive Appraisal

With our team’s experience, we are able to conduct investigations into various situations. We can also handle the insurance side of things, such as compiling reports for claims.

Maintenance and Repairs

We’re in the business of keeping you in the air

As with all types of aircraft, maintenance is a necessity to ensure safe flights. Aircraft maintenance, done according to industry standards is another service we offer. At our Nelspruit base we carry out various heavy structural maintenance and repairs while we also undertake refurbishments to bring aged aircrafts back to life.

Maintenance for commercial and private aircraft

Our team is licensed to handle over 300 different types of aircraft so we are able to service a wide client base of both commercial and private aircraft owners.